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With lasting memories, tears and woesWrapped like a dream and sealed with a rose, And with a dolorous heart away from scentHow shall I ever forget to lament?How shall I forget with poignant eyesThose beguiling days, yea days that cries?Or like a pitiless stone not weave my rhyme,My desolate art that dread not time!And forget…

If I Were A Hero (ABC Poem)

Above huge hills if ever I could rise,Beyond the gravity as Iron Man flies.Climbing and hanging if towers I could touch,Dashing as the Spider-Man, if fingers were such.Ever I would be happy and ever I would dance,Falling and rising in heroic romance. Grasping high hills if ever I could rise,Huge, tough and rigid, if Hulk…

A Song of Life

How darkly fair this fleeting lifeWith many a puzzling bend,By facing terrors of countless strifesWe voyage towards its end. We know not where the tough road goes,Or what future doth wait;But moving ahead amidst all woesIs the concealed voice of fate. And hearts that seem like silken roseIn this eternal way,Strangely turn in foreign foesWith…

Perspectives on Death

Often regarded as one of the few certainties of life, death has always been a major concern of human race since time immemorial. Over the years many philosophers as well as non-philosophers have given many similar as well as contrasting theories on death but nothing so profound till date can give the exact and truest…

Poetry Published in Two Anthologies

It gives me immense pleasure to see my poetry published in two anthologies on the same day (i.e. March 31, 2021). I’m extremely grateful to the entire Notion Press team for featuring two of my love poems in their ‘#verseoflove’ poetry anthology and to poet Alemseged Sisay for featuring 8 of my poems in his…

It’s All Relative: A Powerful Perspective on Life

How far do you agree with the term ‘relativity’? Is everything in the world relative, or there is something called absolutism? Just a century ago, Albert Einstein, often regarded as one of the most influential physicist of written history gave his famous theory on relativity. But relativity indeed is not something which is limited only…

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It all started when I was eleven years old and a piece of writing by an English Romantic poet piqued my curiosity and eventually unfurled my eyes to a whole new and ethereal world of poetry of which I was previously unknown. It was for the first time in my young, placid life that a piece of literary work influenced my heart to such an extent that the whole night I wondered if I, too, could put my feelings in black and white someday. And by morning, when I jotted down the first four rhyming lines of my life, I was on cloud nine and discovered my new love for literature. Since then, there was no looking back and I’ve always found it fascinating the way words hold an astonishing power to tear apart a beaming soul and at the same time enliven an anguished heart.

—Shayan Das, Golden Blossoms