Amore Immortale

See, I may write a thousand rhymesWith my lyrical tranquil art,And weave thy name on threads of timeTo melt thy ardent heart.To please thy tender heart my dear,I may sing a thousand songs,That soothe for aye each trembling tearAnd heal the antique wrongs.But neither the lines nor melodic graceOf saccharine songs in tune,Can ever depict … Continue reading Amore Immortale

Lines of Hope

The brook that can't find way in sandsOf barren lands with haunted souls,Oh, never does lose her hope but bendsTo make her route through silver goals. The sun who hides his rays in clouds,In besmirched charm with dusty fumes;Oh, never does swathe himself in shroud,But shines again to gild his rooms. The birds that can't … Continue reading Lines of Hope

9 facts you definitely didn’t learn about Byron in school

Celebrated as one of the best poet of the English Romantic Era, George Gordon Byron and his infamous poetry continue to be appreciated all over the Sphere even today. However, apart from all the fame and glory what has endured so long in world history is his name associated with heartbreaks, seduction and even taboo … Continue reading 9 facts you definitely didn’t learn about Byron in school

100+ Followers: Thanks for the support!

After a tedious and solitary Valentine's Week, this is what made my day when I opened the WordPress app this morning. I just can't believe after so many sleepless nights finally here I'm with 100+ followers on my WordPress Blog. No doubt this is just the beginning of the journey and there is a lot … Continue reading 100+ Followers: Thanks for the support!

For My Valentine

For her this note whose tender heartShimmers like moon in the emerald sea,And longs whose soul, whose silken partsFor aye to blend and merge with me.For her who rules over my dreams,My joys, my pains, my obscure fears,And soothes whose touch like silver beamsMy anguished heart with ceaseless tears.For her who like an elegant budUnfurls … Continue reading For My Valentine

Procrastination: Causes and Ways to Overcome

How often it happens that we indulge ourselves in a work and after spending few hours if we are unable to get the very result we desire, we postpone the same for some other day. Procrastination is no doubt an attitude problem. The twenty-four hours in a day are not less actually, but they become … Continue reading Procrastination: Causes and Ways to Overcome

A Moonlight Quote

What comes to your mind when you behold the moon? Her beauty, her elegance, her tranquility? Does she arouse you with her unfathomable charm, or takes you to uncharted lands where you lie composedly amidst your certainty and hallucinations? Whatever it maybe, but the bitter reality is that whatever the moon possesses are all borrowed … Continue reading A Moonlight Quote