A Heavenly Sight

Oh, I gazed and gazed at her autumn shower
In an ethereal land like a frozen ice,
Oh, a star was blushing in that seraphic bower
That viewed no dreams, nay, ever with eyes.

And she bloomed like fire yea hot as flame
Burning in ashes oh heaven and space,
And all the things yea mighty and tame
Were melting in woods with her dazzling grace.

And she blushed and blushed in that silvery fall
Wetting her hairs, her clothes yea parts,
And all the things yea mighty and small
Were blooming in red with their passionate hearts.

And she moved as flowers, like freshening breeze
Ceasing all darkness, ashes of fire,
And all the things that cuddle and please
Were burning in pleasures of a single desire.

And she seemed no part yea of beguiling Sphere,
A beauty so true like fair sunrise,
Oh, a star so ravishing, crystal clear,
That viewed no dreams, nay ever with eyes,
Oh, was blessed no lands, nay Lord’s paradise.

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