Since I Have Seen Thy Grace

Since I have seen thy grace O arresting flower,
Thy scent that lulls the nerves like flute;
And fills my heart with zillion showers
Of bliss and joys I can’t refute,
I search not joys in this maniac Sphere,
Those man-made flowers of faulty smiles;
And lasting sorrows of pains and tears
I often bury with silken whiles.

Since I have felt thy charm O vagrant breeze,
Thy lure that floats like clouds in sky
And fills my heart with endless seas
Of thrills that take to mountains high,
I search not grace in this mortal Earth,
Those filthy joys of venomous power;
And pains that hide in man-made mirth,
Those ghostly shades that seem like flowers.

Since I have harked thy songs O chirping bird,
Thy tune that flows like feathers in air
And fills my heart with undying words
Of joys and love I each day share,
I search not songs in World of Kings,
Those haunted tunes that terrorize life;
And flee like ghosts from obscure things
And cover all lands with feuds and strifes.

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  1. Are you adding tags to your posts?

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    1. shayandas says:

      What are tags.. please tell me.. I don’t know really


    2. shayandas says:

      Oh I got it what is tags.. I’ll be using them…


      1. Great! It’ll help with ushering traffic to your blog posts

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  2. penhive says:

    Beautiful tender and Lyrical.

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  3. ΠιCΘLΣ says:

    So beautiful. These verses are transporting.

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